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Newsletter Issue #143, November 2014

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AL-GAMMA(0103)  [University of Alabama; advisor,  H.  Scott Hestevold] President: Alexandra Harris, Vice-president: Hannah Darby, Secretary: Jenna Reynolds, Treasurer: Damon Stanley.

AL-DELTA(0104) [Samford University; advisor, Dennis Samson] Last year, the Samford University chapter held a series of meetings. The first  meeting  was  to  promote  the  chapter  at  the  University’s organizational fair and the majors’ fair. At the second meeting, members discussed issues in feminist philosophy along with a pizza break.  In February, the chapter made plans for a lecture series that was held in March.  Dean Zimmerman of Rutgers was the speaker for the lecture series, and students were able to have dinner and breakfast with Dr. Zimmerman. The last meeting of the year was to plan for next year and elect officers for the chapter.

CA-IOTA(0509) [Westmont College; advisor, Jim Taylor] President: Nicholas Kennedy, Vice-president: Heather Miranda, Secretary: David Weller, Public Relations: Sophie Judd. First meeting was scheduled for September.

CA-SIGMA(0518) [California State University, Bakersfield: advisor, Jacquelyn Kegley] President: Amelia Slover, Vice-president: Brandi Armendariz, Treasurer: Kareli Moreno.

CA-TAU(0519) [California State University, San Bernardino: advisor, Matthew Davidson] (NEW CHAPTER)  President: Sara Rojas, Vice- president: Caitlin Andrade, Secretary: Bethany Burke, Treasurer: Logan Reynolds. At the opening of our meeting, we collected the initiation fees and directory cards from members.  Then we had several items on our agenda.  First, we asked Advisor Davidson to come to one of our meetings to talk about grad school and possible openings related to grad school. Then, the advisor wanted the chapter to help spread knowledge of classes and pass along flyers for cross-disciplinary courses. The aim is to bring students into both upper and lower division classes. A third item  was  fund-raising  for  the  chapter.  We  considered  several possibilities: a grill, cooking dinner for the dorms and introducing the philosophy department, providing a study night before finals with snacks and food, a fund-raising concert by a band, and a BBQ. We also want to create a document in Google Drive for ideas for discussion at the next meeting.  Our chapter members also considered some extra fees for various projects, among them a bulletin board outside the Logic Lab to advertise events, getting access to a part of the board outside the departmental office, T-shirts to advertise the society, and perhaps flyers to make others aware of the society.  We also considered chapter associates.  We are also  considering  a  Christmas  party  for  the department.  For our next meeting we want to consider possible publication and peer review for that, going to philosophy talks off-campus, looking at other philosophical events in our area, and considering inviting a speaker to come to the campus. (A very busy agenda for a new chapter--Ed.)

CT-GAMMA(0703) [Southern Connecticut State University; advisor, Chelsea C. Harry] (NEW CHAPTER) President: Justin Grey, Vice- president: Julia DeFrances, Secretary: Jennifer Picagli, Treasurer: Shawn Mack.  At our first meeting of the year, chapter members voted to approve three new chapters and also voted to become an official club. In addition, we discussed options for guest speakers and considered William Lane Craig, Shelly Kagan, and Sam Harris.  At our second meeting,  we  considered  bringing  in  a  feminist  philosopher  and potentially collaborating with the Women’s Studies Department, the English Department, and the Phi Sigma Tau chapter at Fairfield University.  We planned a meeting for November 14 with Dr.  Nolen Gertz to discuss cyber and drone warfare. New business included a poll for potential future topics and formats. Old business was a Constitution with Bylaws for our chapter. Dr. Harry, our advisor, announced a call for papers.

GA-ALPHA(1101)  [University  of  Georgia;  advisor,  Richard Winfield] President: Bret Miller, Vice-president: Spencer Hall, Executive Secretary: Hannah Boyd.

GA-ZETA(1106) [Georgia State University; advisor, Andrew Cohen] Officers: Robert Boudreau, Nathan Houck, and Gerald Taylor.

GA-ETA(1107)  [Georgia  Southern  University;  advisor,  Maria Adamos] NEW ADVISOR

GA-IOTA(1109) [University of West Georgia; advisor, Walter Riker] NEW ADVISOR

MA-GAMMA(2203) [College of the Holy Cross; advisor, Kendy Hess] NEW ADVISOR

MA-ETA(2207) [Bridgewater State University; advisor, Aeon Skoble] President: Bradford Holmes, Vice-president: Diane Smedberg, Secretary: Charles Piltzecker,  Treasurer: Anne Smith.  At the September 25 meeting, our goal was to discuss several topics but with an ethical focus. We began with a scenario; suppose we find some money on the ground. Do we have an obligation to return it? Then, we went to a situation in which we were returned more change than we should have gotten; we considered why we feel a stronger obligation to return the money to the cashier of a small business as opposed to a larger one.  During the discussion, we tried to decide what would be justified reasons for returning the money as opposed to keeping it.  Then, we turned to medical ethics and considered a situation in which one liver is available for either a 6 month old baby or a 50 year old man. Who should get the liver (assuming that there are not problems of matching, etc.)? We found it difficult to avoid the practicality concerns of the question.  Another though experiment involved sick babies where there had to be a consideration of which babies might be saved if not all could. As might be expected, there were several different opinions on a course of action. Our next meeting is scheduled for October 3.

MI-MU(2312) [Alma College; advisor, Nicholas Dixon] President: CJ Oswald, Secretary: Catherine Closner. At the October meeting, members planned future events. Among the events was a movie night, a student speaker, a faculty speaker, and a social event (perhaps with the interfaith council or with the English honor society). A long term goal for chapter members is to obtain a budget from the student congress and to attend a conference.

SD-BETA(2402)  [St.  Olaf  College;  advisor,  Danny  Muñoz- Hutchinson] President: Bergen Nelson, Vice-presidents: Meredith Varie and Thomas Lambert, Secretary: Emma Ritter,  Treasurer: Mitchell Kampf.  Our plans for the term include a first meeting for officers (September 8), an induction ceremony (September 25), the first chapter meeting (October 3), and the first student colloquium sponsored by Phi Sigma Tau (October 16). Nelson and Varie welcomed all attendees to the initiation ceremony and explained the history, goals, and benefits of Phi Sigma Tau. All initiates signed the chapter roll and were accepted as full members.  Then Nelson and Varie made a series of announcements explaining the plans for the terms and pointing out philosophy related opportunities around campus and the nation.

MO-TAU(2619)  [Northwest  Missouri  State  University;  advisor, Richard Field] President: Dustin McMahon, Vice-president: Nicholas Totten, Secretary/Treasurer: Kyrie Lynch.

NE-BETA(2802)  [Creighton University; advisor,  Richard White] NEW ADVISOR

NJ-THETA(3108) [Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; advisor, Mercedes Diaz] President: Paul Musso, Vice-president: Sheng- Yao Cheng, Secretary/Treasurer: Brina Breitbart. In a meeting held on 11 September, members of chapter voted to approve three new Phi Sigma Tau  chapters, discussed a mentoring program, and talked about a conference.

NJ-IOTA(3109) [William Paterson University of New Jersey; advisor, Barbara Andrew] President: Julia Kolak, Vice-president: Phil Mektiev, Secretary: Sarah Ciccarelli.

NY-GAMMA(3303) [SUNY at Oneonta; advisor, Jean-Paul Orgeron] President:  Kaylee  May,  Vice-president:  Hope  Costa,  Secretary: Christopher Eldred, Treasurer: Gianna DeLilli, Public Relations Officer: Denn Williamson.  At the September meeting, we discussed having a wheelchair basketball tournament for March Madness, a bake sale in October, and painting and selling hearts in November; all proceeds will be donated and be our philanthropic contribution. We also planned trips to a lecture at Union College (‘‘Making Peace with War’’), a trip to the observatory with the philosophy club, and a Planetarium trip and dinner at Yellow Deli.  Then we are planning inductions of new members, participating with the philosophy club in a book sale, and forming a team for the spring Relay for Life (everybody practice for that).

The bake sale was held in October.  Devin was unable to supply a cauldron of mac and cheese, but he did present us with ideas for a club shirt.  We are looking into getting the shirt printed.  Zombie walk— October 30! And November 6 is the talk on political inequality for all who are interested in attending.  We are going to begin holding off- campus club get togethers that will be evenings of philosophical discussion and refreshment.

NY-THETA(3308)  [Nazareth College; advisor,  Adrian Arellano] President: Casey Holland, Vice-president: Jacob Wampler, Secretary: Victoria Genova, Treasurer: Ethan Kelley.

NY-SIGMA(3318) [Canisius College; advisor, Devonya N. Havis] President: Colin Shanahan.

NC-DELTA(3404)  [Wingate University; advisor,  Edwin Bagley] President: J. Cody Ward, Vice-president: Angela Littlefair.

ND-ALPHA(3501) [University of North Dakota; advisor, A. Rebecca Rozelle-Stone] President: Gary Suchor, Vice-president: Benjamin Davis, Secretary: Caleb Faul, Treasurer: Carlie Hughes.

PA-THETA(3908)  [Grove  City  College;  advisor,  David  M. DiQuattro] President: Ethan Deitrich, Vice-president: Mark Mariani, Secretary: Sarah Horton, Treasurer: Ben Crelin. Plans for the year were discussed, among them a fall presentation series for a campus wide audience.  We also discussed opening a journal like the Quad (but that would not compete with the Quad) that would appear in the spring, would publish philosophy papers, and would be open to submissions from any Grove City College student. We also discussed the importance of encouraging members to submit work to philosophy conferences and to Dialogue.

PA-KAPPA(3910)  [Misericordia  University;  advisor,  Melanie Shepherd] NEW ADVISOR

PA-LAMBDA(3911) [Westminster College; advisor, David Goldberg] The meetings of the chapter were combined with the Philosophy Club meetings, so meetings are open to all students. This term students have decided to spend time on Bertrand Russell’s philosophy and have begun discussions of The Problems of Philosophy. Our students have a yearly excursion to the MidSouth Philosophy Conference (the 13th year for Westminster College students and the advisor).  Attendance at the conference is important for Westminster students so that they will hear a variety of philosophical points of view.

PA-NU(3913) [St. Joseph’s University; advisor, Ginger Hoffman] NEW ADVISOR

PA-ALPHA BETA(3926) [Lehigh University; advisor, Robin Dillon] President: Brandyn Bok, Vice-president: Daniel Leal, Secretary: Candice Travis, Treasurer: Ryan Spirko, Recruitment Chair: Hyo Wan Park. At our October meeting we discussed recruitment of new members by reaching out to classes, holding an undergraduate ethics symposium in the spring, and the timeline for holding information sessions and induction of new members.

RI-ALPHA(4001) [Providence College; advisor, Anthony Jensen] Officer: Robert Gervasini.

RI-BETA(4002) [Salve Regina University; advisor, Craig Condella] President: Brandon Harrington.

TX-LAMBDA(4411) [St. Mary’s University; advisor, Eric Chelstrom] NEW ADVISOR. Dr. Chelstrom received the outstanding paper award for the October 2005 issue of Dialogue.

TX-MU(4412) [University of Texas at Arlington; advisor, Kenneth Williford]  President:  Courtney  Broderick,  Vice-president:  Charles Nguyen,  Secretary:  Madeleine  Solano-Garretson,  Treasurer:  Kodie Martin. Our first meeting was held on September 12. Our main priority is recruitment of new members, but we hope to sponsor several events during the year, speakers, philosophy study groups, and more. We also plan group activities such as T-shirt decorating and will provide information about philosophy events at other local universities.

TX-NU(4413) [University of Houston—Downtown; advisor, Joseph Westfall]  President:  Martha  Hernandez,  Vice-president:  Courtney Stevens, Secretary/Treasurer: Alma Robles.

TX-OMICRON(4415) [University of Dallas; advisor, Philipp W. Rosemann] President: Charles Archer,Vice-president:  Bridget Weisenburger, Secretary: José Secarra.

VA-GAMMA(4703) [James Madison University; advisor, Anne M. Wiles] Co-Presidents: Jack Gardner and Kyle Perez, Co-Vice-presidents: Samantha  Rimer  and  Michael  Clay,  Co-Secretaries:  Mackenzie McNamee and Brandon Cadran, Treasurer: James Harkins. At the first meeting, we held elections for officers and decided to have Co-positions for president, vice president, and secretary. Dr. Wiles led a discussion of possible future programs for October and November, and our chapter decided to hold meetings twice month. At our October 20 meeting, Dr. Wiles introduced the speakers, Dr. Patrick Fleming, Dr. Steven Hoeltzel, and Dr. William Knorpp.  Dr. Fleming presented the analytical side of philosophy, Dr. Hoeltzel the continental side, and Dr. Knorpp clarified the distinctions between the two. The professors described the historical and ongoing conflict between analytical and continental philosophers, and students were given an opportunity to ask questions and engage in the discussion.

WI-ZETA(5006) [University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point; advisor, Karin Fry] At our first meeting, members discussed the coming year and made preparations for the next initiation ceremony.

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