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Newsletter Issue #141, March 2014

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AL-BETA(0102) [Auburn University; advisor, Keren Gorodeisky] The Auburn chapter was very active during the fall term and along with the Auburn Philosophical Society sponsored a lecture series. Eric Marcus spoke on the rational nature of belief, Keren Goreidsky (the PST advisor) spoke on aesthetic pleasure as an exercise of rational agency, Edward Mooney (Syracuse) met with PST members prior to his paper on Thoreau, Tom Lockhart spoke about the relation between the logical and the psychological in Frege, Joshua Johnston presented a paper on moral testimony, Vanessa de Harven (U Mass) delivered a lecture, and Sam Fleischacker (UIC) spoke on Hume, Jacobi, and Hamann. A series of panels were held in ‘‘Mama Mocha’s at the Hound.’’  Both students and faculty members were on  the  panels,  and  topics  included  ‘‘Ancient  Philosophy,’’ ‘‘Sophistry: Ancient and Modern,’’  and ‘‘Applied Ethics.’’  On Friday, October 11, ‘‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’’ was shown, with the film introduced by PST member Phillip Brantley. That event included pizza and a discussion of the film.

CA-LAMBDA(0511) [Loyola Marymount University; advisor, Shannon Nason]. NEW ADVISOR

CA-XI(0514) [CSU, Dominguez Hills; advisor, Brian Gregor] NEW ADVISOR

CA-PI(0516)  [Chapman University,  Orange; advisor,  Joseph Rachiele] NEW ADVISOR

DC-ALPHA(0901) [The George Washington University; advisor, Mark Ralkowski] At our November meeting, chapter members discussed how to reactivate the chapter. To that end, we initiated six students into the chapter.  Then we concluded the meeting with a discussion of future plans for the chapter.

FL-IOTA(1009) [Jacksonville University; advisor, Matthew Groe] President: Ryan Dougherty, Vice-president: Noah Marcus, Secretary: Mae Davis, Treasurer: Jayla Shelton.  Chapter members voted on new chapters of Phi Sigma Tau and approved them. The members also discussed making Phi Sigma Tau a recognized student group at Jacksonville University.

FL-LAMBDA(1011) [University of West Florida; advisor, Sally Ferguson] At a short meeting, our members discussed recruitment of new  members, ideas for possible events, and officer elections. President: Nicholas Cisneros, Secretary: Cody Conant.

GA-ALPHA(1101)  [University of Georgia; advisor,  Richard Winfield]  President:  Jordan  Lavender,  Vice-president: Roger Grantham, Secretary/Treasurer: Bret Miller.  The University of Georgia Chapter of Phi Sigma Tau was very active during the Fall 2013 semester.  We hosted paper presentations by undergraduate members  of  the  society every  other  week  (topics:  feminist philosophy,  epistemology,  political  philosophy,  philosophy  of religion, and philosophy of film). We also hosted a faculty lecture on political philosophy and a guest lecture by a philosophy professor on Eastern Philosophy. We recently sent out a call for papers for the Sixth Annual Classic City Undergraduate Conference to be held at UGA during the spring term (April 5).

GA-GAMMA(1103)  [Agnes  Scott  College;  advisor,  Harald Thorsrud]  President: Keely Rowan, Vice-president: Katherine Robinson, Secretary: Kendall Prevatt.  In the past year, the Phi Sigma Tau chapter at Agnes Scott College has remained active by holding philosophical discussions and weekly lunches for members. In Spring 2103, the chapter held two philosophical discussions open to the campus community and attracted a surprising number of non- philosophy majors. The first discussion was on trans-humanism and the second on vegetarianism.  During the fall 2013 semester, the chapter held a discussion regarding the ethics of following, or not following, laws. The weekly lunches have also been a success. At lunches, members discuss philosophical interests in an informal setting and have the opportunity to discuss graduate school options and the application process. In the future, we plan to maintain our weekly lunches and have more philosophical discussions that make philosophy interesting and accessible for the campus community.

IL-ZETA(1406) [University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; advisor, Shelley Weinberg] NEW ADVISOR. Actually, return of a former advisor. Welcome back, Dr. Weinberg.

KY-ALPHA(1801) [Bellarmine University; advisor, Steven Berg] NEW ADVISOR

LA-GAMMA(1903) [Xavier University of New Orleans; advisor, Thora Bayer] The Xavier chapter inducted three new student members. We are happy to announce that our senior members have been accepted into graduate program, with some accepted into graduate school, some into law school, and some into medical school.  We discussed these admissions and overall plans for the future.

MO-DELTA(2604)                                                          [Westminster College; advisor, James McRae] NEW ADVISOR. Welcome back, Dr. McRae.

MO-TAU(2619) [Northwest Missouri State University; advisor, Richard Field] Our department is preparing a series of talks by student speakers for the Spring term; we will call the series ‘‘The Stoa Talks.’’ We would like to have a speaker from each of the areas covered by our department: History, Political Science, Philosophy, and Geography. Jake Bailey is designing a logo for The Stoa Talks. Faculty will be working with students in planning the presentations. NJ-KAPPA(3110) [The College of New Jersey; advisor, James Taylor] President: Yale Weiss, Vice-president: Olivia Froehlich, Secretary: Jacob Carino, Treasurer: George Thai.  We established our executive board at our meeting and then held a discussion of Augustine and Heidegger, among others.

NY-GAMMA(3303)  [SUNY at Oneonta; advisor,  Jean-Paul Orgeron] New Secretary for Spring: Kaylee May.  During the fall term the Oneonta chapter,  along with the Hartwick chapter, discussed an open event for the community and a potential meeting with local High School students to show students what philosophy really is. We also had several fund-raising events and now and then through the term discussed other ways we might raise a bit of money. Members discussed some ideas for LSAT preparations and courses. Dr. Koch was to lead one LSAT prep class in the fall and four in the spring.  At our second meeting, we introduced new members and explained who we are and what we do.  We take seriously the sharing of philosophical ideas; consequently,  we prepared a list of journals that accept work from undergraduate students. And, in the spring, we will have the Oneonta 19th Annual Philosophy Conference that will provide students an opportunity to share their work.  On December 2, we had an Open Public Forum with Philosophy from a Hat! (Topics for discussion go into a hat and then the individual goes onto the stage.)

During our first meeting of the spring, we began to look at new inductions, some of our goals (including having fun), and working more closely with the Philosophy Club. We decided that we wanted to have another Philosophy in a Hat program and also wanted to work more closely with the Hartwick chapter, especially on getting out the word on the Philosophy Conference.  We want Phi Sigma Tau members to be more active in the conference, so we considered how we might volunteer to submit and discuss papers as well as publicize the conference. We have met with possible new members of the Oneonta chapter and introduced them to Phi Sigma Tau. On May 3, the Philosophy Club will host "Into the Streets" to do community service; this event is open to PST members. In April we have a Wheelchair Basketball fundraiser.

NY-ETA(3307)  [LeMoyne College; advisor,  Michael Kagan, Kathryn Hennigan] NEW ADVISORS

NY-XI(3314) [Geneseo College, SUNY; advisor, David Levy] Officers: Ben Lieberman, Nick Krenda.

NC-EPSILON(3405) [University of North Carolina at Asheville; advisor, Duane Davis] Welcome back from Brazil, Dr. Davis.

PA-ALPHA BETA(3926) [Lehigh University; advisor, Robin Dillon] ***New Chapter*** President: Keegan Nichols, Secretary: Danica  Palacio. We are contacting potential candidates for membership and tentatively plan an induction for March 20.

RI-BETA(4002) [Salve Regina University; advisor, Craig Condella]  President: Niahm Lehane, Vice-president: Elizabeth Bruno, Secretary: Alexandra Stabile.

TX-NU(4413)  [University  of  Houston—Downtown;  advisor, Joseph Westfall] President: Martha Hernandez, Vice-president: Courtney Stevens, Secretary/Treasurer: Alma Robles.

VA-GAMMA(4703) [James Madison University; advisor, Anne M. Wiles] The Virginia Gamma chapter met on February 20 and planned the following events: March 20 — Talk about the use of language in philosophy, particularly focusing on the use of different terms/phrases that are commonly used by specific philosophers or disciplines of philosophical study and the interrelation between those terms; March 27 — inviting two professors to discuss the role of female autonomy in philosophy; April 4 — co-sponsoring a conference with the foreign language department (the subject will be violence, and we plan to invite a professor who specializes in Medieval Philosophy to give a presentation); April 13 — PICNIC for all philosophy students and faculty to encourage socializing between students and professors outside the classroom environment. Our semester promises to be busy and successful!

VA-ETA(4707) [Old Dominion University; advisor, James Van Dore] NEW ADVISOR. Happy retirement, Dr. Loomis. Thanks for your PST work.

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April 2014 Dialogue

Copy for our April issue of Dialogue has been sent to the publisher, though it will be several weeks before we can have the issue printed. Below is a listing of the articles for this issue. In the past few years, we have been able to expand our journal and print more articles written by students. We have only been able to do this because of the interest of students who have been willing to submit their articles for review and possible acceptance. Please, if you have submitted an article which has not been accepted, do not be discouraged. Many students have worked with a favorite professor to improve an article or write a better article, and even professional philosophers have to recognize that that prized article may not be accepted. We will continue to print as many articles as we can, so please consider submitting your work, re-submitting improved work, or sending in another completely different paper. Your diligent work allows us to continue to publish excellent student papers and essays. You  may contact our editor,  Dr.  Steve  Barbone, by email at [email protected]; information about submissions can be found on the back cover of any copy of Dialogue.

‘‘All Is but Toys’’

            Isaac Betters, New School for Social Research

‘‘Contemporary Readings of Laughter and Humor in Plato’s Philebus and Republic’’

            Kimberly Unger, San Diego State University

‘‘Understanding Mythical Consciousness (without Believing in It)’’

            Hurr Jaffry, Rowan University

‘‘Reconciling  Presentism and Eternalism: Time, Eternity, and Ontological Contextualism’’

            Hannah Haejin Kim, Emory University

‘‘Psychoanalysis and the Quest for Self-Knowledge’’

            Tobias Nickel, University of San Diego

‘‘Financial Markets Are Existential’’

            William S. Uditsky, Cabrini College

‘‘‘I Am My Own [In]security’ - An Existentialist Reflection on How the Embracing of Certain Individual Liberties Can Jeopardize Our Freedom’’

            Dora Suárez, Georgia Southern University

‘‘A Critique of Ayer: Verifying Religious Propositions’’

            Chad M. Shipman, Hartwick College

‘‘Architecture and the Search for Meaning: Finding the Wright Angle’’

            Brian Engelsma, Gettysburg College

In addition, there are two book reviews in the issue, one by Harold M. Green and another by Griffin Klemick.  Dr. Barbone notes that students who write reviews provide a valuable service to the profession; it is also a nice way to get your own copy of a book that you would like to read. Please contact Dr. Barbone for a review copy of a book and join the conversation about philosophy. Books are given on a first-come first-served basis, and a listing of currently available books is in the April issue.

[email protected]

Newsletter A listing of email addresses for chapter advisors is available in the email version of the current newsletter.