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Newsletter Issue #146, November, 2015

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AR-ALPHA(0401)  [Lyon  College;  advisor,  Martha  C. Beck] President: Colby Whitlow, Vice-president: Peter Mamula.

AR-BETA(0402) [University of Arkansas at Little Rock; advisor, Michael Norton]  NEW ADVISOR. President: Marla Cole, Vice- president: William Kimball, Secretary: Trystan Pulk.

CA-IOTA(0509)  [Westmont College; advisor,  Jim Taylor] President: Matthew  Maler,  Vice-president:  Lexi  Airey,  Secretary:  Kelly  Collins, Public Relations: Cameron Lee.

CA-SIGMA(0518) [California State University, Bakersfield: advisor, Jacquelyn  Kegley] President: Amelia Slover, Vice-president: Erin Barker,  Secretary: Aaron Colson, Treasurer: Francisco Holguin.   A big year planned at CSU Bakersfield!  We are planning an active year for our current 13 members.  Events include community service events, a food drive for November and a book drive for children in the spring.  Three Psi-Phi Movie Night are planned, one for each quarter.  Films shown will pose difficult philosophical questions, and a panel of Psychology and Philosophy professors will moderate discussions.  A very busy year indeed!

CA-TAU(0519) [California State University, San Bernardino: advisor, Matthew Davidson] President: Caitlin Andrade, Vice-president: Katie Hudson, Secretary: Bethany Burke, Treasurer: Joel Miller.  In our first fall meeting, we welcomed everybody back, noted that we planned less paperwork and more philosophy, and began to get our Bulletin Board going.  Joel Miller is planning bi-weekly discussions based on a philosophical topic or article, dates to be set.  Katie Hudson will prepare for the first movie night (food available!).  Caitlin Andrade has provided a list of talks, seminars, and Colloquia for Southern California; though we can’t all go to all of them, we are planning a potential club outing for a talk.  Members who go to talks are encouraged to report on discussions and provide overviews of the event as well as transportation to others who might be able to attend.  Trivia night at a Claremont restaurant--we plan to go on November 3 and will be inviting professors to attend also.

GA-ALPHA(1101) [University of Georgia; advisor, Richard Winfield]  President: Roger Grantham, Vice-president and  Secretary: Lazarus Roth.

GA-ETA(1107) [Georgia Southern University; advisor, Maria Adamos] President: Jesse Powell, Vice-president Kayla Bohannon,Treasurer:  Michael  Brigance.  Members discussed the  possibility  of another undergraduate philosophy conference in the spring term.

GA-THETA(1108)  [Valdosta State University; advisor, Christine James] NEW ADVISOR.  The Valdosta State chapter is happy to announce two new additions to the roster.  One is the Dean of Libraries, a philosophy alumnus of the department; the other is the President of the University who will also be in a video we are making to promote philosophy and religious studies courses.  It’s great to have the President and Librarian as members of our chapter.  In addition, we ordered and have received a banner for our chapter; the banner is of high quality, and any other chapters who are interested in a banner may contact the Executive Secretary of Phi Sigma Tau for information about the company who made the banner.

IL-ZETA(1406)  [University  of  Illinois  at  Urbana-Champaign; advisor,  Shelley  Weinberg] President: Joseph A’Hearn, Vice-president: Robert  Micheal  Clark,  Treasurer:  Madeline  Reinecke,  Social  Event Coordinator: Syed Yousuf. Our first meeting was September 2, and our chapter plans to meet every Wednesday.

KY-EPSILON(1805)   [University   of   Louisville;   advisor,   Avery Kolers] NEW ADVISOR.

LA-GAMMA(1903)  [Xavier  University  of  New  Orleans;  advisor, Thora Bayer] Javian Baker was inducted, and chapter members discussed his trip to visit a prestigious graduate program in theology where he plans to earn his Ph.D.

MA-ALPHA(2201)  [Clark  University;  advisor,  Wiebke  Deimling] NEW ADVISOR.

MA-IOTA(2209) [Assumption College; advisor, Pat Corrigan] President: Lucas LaRoche, Vice-president: Michael Hoye, Secretary: Christina Lambert, Treasurer: Ryan DelMastro.

MI-MU(2312)  [Alma  College;  advisor, Nicholas Dixon] President\Secretary C.J. Oswald, Vice-president: Alek Scully, Student Congress Representatives, Grant Hill, Kaitlyn York, C.J. Oswald.  Part of one meeting was taken up with a discussion of ways to have regular meetings in order to have a greater presence on the campus.  Meetings will be informal in order to increase cohesion, solidarity, and friendly philosophical discussion among those interested in philosophy outside the classroom. We had further discussion with the Political Science Club on collaboration about the Black Lives Matter movement and the focus on LGBTQ rights.  Other potential events include movie nights and student debates with perhaps the issue of  moral obligations to the Syrian refugees.

SD-BETA(2402) [St. Olaf College; advisor, Danny Muñoz- Hutchinson] President: Meredith Varie, Vice-president: Pedro Monque, Secretary:  Annika  Beck,  Treasurer:  Alexander  Quanbeck,  Historian: Zhaoqi Hu. Our chapter decided that a spring induction would allow more time for fall events, though we still plan to review potential initiates in the fall. All officers are interested in an increased presence on campus this term and plan a pack-out pizza dinner in the quad (with a rain location reserved in case).  Meredith and Pedro brainstormed on ideas for speakers  and  colloquia  and  plan better communication to increase attendance.  Officers will advertise in philosophy classes and contact professors teaching introductory courses.  Colloquia will still coordinate with Pizza Thursdays.   Officers will invite a faculty member to speak once a semester and Hu will distribute a call for papers.

At an October meeting, we considered ideas for meetings that could occur each month.  One idea was a meeting where philosophy students could present their work and get feedback in a friendly environment.  We then  had  an  informal discussion  of  the  morality  of  eating  meat  and considered the merits of vegetarianism as opposed to veganism. At a later October  meeting, we found that 23 people are eligible for membership in Phi Sigma Tau and planned an induction for November 5. Professor Rudd was asked to be our faculty speaker for the term and will likely speak on his recent Kierkegaard paper.

MO-IOTA(2609) [Conception Seminary College; advisor, Shalina Stilley] President: Michael Shreck, Vice-president: Martin Parizek, Secretary: James Flattery.

MO-TAU(2619) [Northwest Missouri State University; advisor, Richard Field] President: Dustin McMahon, Vice-president: Nicholas McMahon, Secretary\Treasurer: Michael Eppley.   The bulk of the first meeting was spent discussing possible topics for events for the year.  We considered, global warming, LGBT issues, whether computer gaming is a sport, exploitation of players in college sports, the humanitarian crisis in Syria, the nuclear deal with Iran, the rationality of the US elections process, and the obligations of wealthy nations to poor nations.

NV-ALPHA(2901)  [University of Nevada, Las Vegas; advisor, Erik Lindland] President\Scheduler: Azra Ozdemir, Vice-president: James Hall, Secretary: Elizabeth Scheinman.

NJ-IOTA(3109) [William Paterson University of New Jersey; advisor, Stephen Thompson]  NEW ADVISOR.

NJ-KAPPA(3110) [The College of New Jersey; advisor, James Taylor] President: Jacob Carino, Vice-president: Kimberly Feldman, Secretary\Treasurer: Brian McGowan

NY-GAMMA(3303) [SUNY at Oneonta; advisor, Jean-Paul Orgeron] On October 29, we had a zombie walk where we hiked a mile while discussing philosophy and integrating zombie theories.   The discussion was led by Professor Orgeron.  We also discussed arrangements to attend a philosophy lecture on relativism at Union, New York.  Future possible members of the chapter received an invitation to join, and future contacts will be by email.

NY-THETA(3308)  [Nazareth  College; advisor, Adrian Arellano] Officers: Ethan Luta, Kristina Netti, Chase Ferren, Miles Enstrom. Many  members attended Dr.  Edelman’s  talk on Aquinas and discussed the talk at the meeting.  Members also discussed a variety of topics, including Jung 16 personality test, the usefulness of personality tests, the usefulness of self-help books as compared to religious books, ethics and morality, and other matters.

NY-KAPPA(3310)  [Siena College; advisor, Paul Santilli]  Co- Presidents: Jessica Murphy and Oscar Ralda, Secretary: Lauren Grenier. Lauren will be the featured speaker at the induction ceremony to be held in April.  Members met briefly with the Philosophy Club and agreed to collaborate on activities promoting philosophy on campus.  This will include publicizing and attending events associated with the yearlong symposium on Living  Philosophers that  will celebrate the work of Adriana  Cavarero.

NY-OMEGA(3324)  [Niagara University; advisor, Alex Bertland] President: Kathryn E. Dickie, Vice-president: James A. Smith. Other officers will be selected from the new members.

NC-ALPHA(3401) [East Carolina University; advisor, John Collins] President: Haven Kenley Bunch.

NC-ZETA(3406)   [University   of   North   Carolina   at   Greensboro;, advisor, Frances Bottenberg] NEW ADVISOR.

ND-ALPHA(3501) [University of North Dakota; advisor, A. Rebecca Rozelle-Stone] President: Gary Suchor, Vice-president: Benjamin Davis, Secretary: Caleb Faul, Treasurer: Madison Berns.

OH-EPSILON(3605)  [University of Dayton; advisor,  Steven  Bein] NEW ADVISOR.

OH-TAU(3619)  [Walsh  University;  advisor,  Joe  Vincenzo]  NEW ADVISOR.

PA-KAPPA(3910)  [Misericordia  University;  advisor,  Melanie Shepherd]   President: Bethany Flanders, Vice-president: Jacob Schweiger, Secretary: Nicodemo Mazzone, Treasurer: Barry Fitzgerald.

PA-RHO(3917)  [West Chester University; advisor, Cassie Striblen] Officers met to plan an induction ceremony for October 29 when  a number of new members will be inducted into the chapter.

PA-ALPHA BETA(3926) [Lehigh University; advisor, Robin Dillon] President: Brandyn Bok, Vice-president: Daniel Leal, Secretary: Michael Lessel, Treasurer: Ryan Spirko.  The first meeting of our chapter was to elect officers for the year.  At a second meeting, we planned to post notes around campus with philosophical bites (quotes, questions, discussion points, etc.)  We planned to ‘take over’ one building a month (business ethics in Rauch, philosophy of physics in Lewis Lab, GMO’s in STEPS). We  want  monthly  ‘get  to  know’  profiles  of  the  philosophy  faculty (current research, favorite philosopher quotes, advice for students).  We also started a discussion on Twitter and look to employ  other social media.  We considered possible future meetings over dinner, sponsoring a  guest  speaker,  and  plans  to  attend  the  Third  Annual  Philosophy Conference with a topic of ‘‘Metaphors in Use.’’

In October,  we  added topics to the Philosophical Post-It Questions, created  an  email  account  to  collect  responses  (a  small  prize  for  the winner?), and read and discussed a response from the president of the Philosophy  Club; we may have  a  joint meeting.   Each member is to submit two questions to Google Doc by the next meeting, and we began to plan our fall induction.  Later in October, we discussed the spring ethics symposium and considered co-sponsoring with the debate club and the philosophy club a discussion of the good life.

RI-ALPHA(4001) [Providence College; advisor, Anthony Jensen] President: Lauren Lucia Coulombe,  Vice-president: Alexandra   L. Chapman.

TX-LAMBDA(4411) [St. Mary’s University; advisor, Eric Chelstrom] President:: Tim Ellebracht.

TX-OMICRON(4415)  [University of Dallas; advisor, Philipp W. Rosemann] President: John Stein, Vice-president:  Edward  Houser, Secretary: Connor Rhodes, Treasurer: Javier Secaira.

VA-GAMMA(4703)  [James Madison University; advisor, Anne M. Wiles] Co-Presidents: Michael Clay and Brandon Cadran,   Vice- president:   Jacob Holstein, Secretary: Samantha Rimer, Treasurer: Gregory Glasgow.  After electing officers, we  discussed possible activities for the semester.  First, we plan to design Phi Sigma Tau shirts. We are also considering hosting an event with a panel of a few philosophers.   On October 27, our  chapters sponsored a talk by Dr. Patrick Fleming entitled ‘‘Philosophical Principles, Science and Technology’’  that is primarily for honors students and Phi Sigma Tau members.  We plan to sponsor more lectures later.  .

VA-MU(4712)  [Washington and Lee University; advisor,  Nathaniel Goldberg] President: Stephanie Foster,  Vice-president: Edward (Teddy) Corcoran, Secretary: William (Will) Brown.  Last year the members of our chapter decided to create a Philosophy Club in order to popularize interest in philosophy among the Washington and Lee community and to further our members’ passion for philosophy.  We hoped to have a series of informal talks/discussions led both by professors in the philosophy department and faculty from other departments; the goal is to show that philosophy can be relevant in all disciplines and that philosophical topics have  practical applications.   We  wanted to dispel any  misconceptions about philosophy that students may have.  This year, we have begun to realize our goal. The first Philosophy  Club meeting was scheduled for October 21 and featured a talk by the head of the philosophy department on the subject of human enhancement and transhumanism.  He hopes to answer the question ‘‘What does it mean to be human?’’ and to touch on the  dangers and implications of altering or enhancing ou  biological endowments.   Also, this year marks the  inaugural  Undergraduate Conference of the Mudd Journal of Ethics, and our chapter hopes to aid in the organization of that conference in any way possible.

WI-ZETA(5006) [University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point; advisor, Karin  Fry]  Officers: Tyler Ewing, Carole Scheder, Michael  Doerr. Officers met and discussed plans for the year.



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